The World’s Most Used Cryptocurrency – An Analysis

You may be thinking that the world’s most used cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin, but the truth is that it is actually Tether. Bitcoin continues to hold the position of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and accounts for almost 70% of total digital assets in the world in terms of market value. The rise in trade is due to the automation technology; visit to learn the details. According to research and analysis Tether is possibly the most used crypto coin for many months now because its monthly and daily trade volumes have shot past those of the Bitcoin.

Tether’s market cap is almost 30 times lesser than the Bitcoin but its trading volumes have surpassed those of Bitcoins. Since the trading volume is nearly 18% higher than Bitcoin trade volume, it is perhaps the most significant token currently in the crypto world. Regulators have also started to eye other crypto coins with skepticism because of Tether’s recent performance. Authorities have started to apply brakes on cryptoexchange traded money because of fears of price manipulations.

Tether is now the most widely used stable coin; a stable coin is a token that tries to stay away from price manipulations through reserves. These stable coins also offer active traders a good opportunity to enter the crypto market. You can get Tether by paying cash across the counter and you will be asked very few questions in return. Interestingly, you will find Tether in countries like China that may have banned other crypto coins. So, traders here can trade Tethers in exchange for Bitcoins and other coins. Check this page for details about Bitcoin trader software and the trading techniques.

The downside of using Tether is that one does not know the exact system that controls the decrease and increase of Tether supplies. You cannot know how much of this supply has been covered by fiat money reserves as there is no independent audit for Tether. It had been disclosed by Tether advocates that almost 74% of the coins were covered by short-term securities and cash while the original claims had been that of 100% cash reserves. This disclosure came about when the NY Attorney General started an investigation into this stable coin because it was alleged that companies supporting Tether were trying to cover up insurmountable losses.

Since Tether is under control of centralized parties the whole aim of having a blockchain or decentralized crypto coins is defeated. Stable coins may be avoiding government control but they are putting trust into hands of the big tech companies and their accountability is not completely genuine. So, theoretically, Tether may be the safest option but it is risky and can be abused. The problems emerging as a result would be almost the same as those faced by traditional fiat currencies.

At the same time, Tether is required for crypto exchanges to grow and they continue to support it to stay afloat. So, out of all the stable coins that have hitherto come and gone, Tether has been the best. However, Bitcoin remains the most popular of all cryptocurrencies because it is decentralized and there is no involvement of any third party like a financial institution or a government.

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In a world which has become increasingly global, it is commonplace to have to move money from one location to another. Today’s connected & burgeoning middle class want a solution to transfer payments affordably & easily. From an investment perspective too, they are looking to invest in assets that are free from inflation woes.

Crypto-currencies, decentralized digital currencies that are transferable through the internet without any pre-requisites or arbitrary limits, have answered this need. Acceptance of change, however, comes with challenges; newness & huge amount of transparency around Crypto-currencies, which creates doubts about security, to name a few.

Not with standing, hundreds of new Crypto-currencies have emerged since Bitcoin, the first & front-running Crypto-currency created in 2009, and gained momentum because of the inherent ubiquity & transparency of these currencies.

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Most cryptocoin mining requires specialized hardware, but FazzCoin minting can be done on any computer. Minting is energy-efficient, because it is based on the FazzCoin you hold, rather than on your processing power.


Our investments are focused on building exchange reserves of Crypto-currencies & also adding resources to our trading volumes. FAZZ is also committed to building an ecosystem around Crypto-currencies that have a positive outlook.


Simply put, the investments FAZZ makes grow and multiply because of the rational decision making applied by our hardworking team that peruses vast amounts of data prior to making any decision.


FazzCoin seeks to be the most secure cryptocoin at the lowest cost, rewarding all users for strengthening the network by giving them a 0.72% days.

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The success of any currency is determined by its acceptance. Acceptance by users & the power to spend it with merchants. For our currency to be used, spent, exchanged & traded, we have executed the following strategy:

  • Pre-mining of fixed number of units with a real user-base subscribing to the Crypto-currency before it goes live.
  • Building a strong user community holding FAZZCOIN units to start transacting on day 1 of the launch.
  • Developing POS & hardware to enable merchants to accept FAZZ.
  • Developing multisig wallets & Apps.
  • Deploying a strong blockchain & infrastructure.

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Through making investments in the likes of Square and Blockchain, I hope to be a part of what could be a democratisation that helps to put more power and control back into the hands of the everyday citizen. Richard Branson – Virgin Group

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Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and of course for large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient. Bitcoin technology is key.”! Bill Gates – Co-founder

Chief Technology Officer at Ant Financial

We hope to bring more transparency to charity and blockchain technology’s decentralized nature fits that purpose well… It means that all the information and transaction history of funds will be more reliable and can’t be easily tampered with. Cheng Li – Ant Financial

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